“Gone America” by Mike O´ Donoghue

Irish style ballads, combined with folk music and the well-known country style.

Melodic, harmonious, beautiful songs, Irish style predominates and makes the whole thing into a beautiful arrangement of ballads. These songs are wonderfully combined with Irish Folk music and a certain country music style. You can feel the uniqueness with the music and attachment to the songs and where the heart of the artist is.

Mike O 'Donoghue is an exceptional artist, who keeps people with his music under his spell. The story of the songs is passing in front of the audience and they can share the feelings, which were well illustrated in this story.

The Cd describes a beautiful story, but also at the same time, a very sad story, that comes to life through the songs.

The story:

A young man takes off to find his fortune in America, his dreams shattered, and he loses his great love, driven by hunger and hardship, she had to marry another man. Now he lives in a foreign country and cannot return, he makes this land to his home, but his heart is still in Ireland. The story runs through all the songs on the CD.

1 – Black 47 – tells the story of the black mushroom potato, a nation falls into a big famine, the struggle for survival begins.

2 –Eire Goodbye – A young men left Ireland, to start a new life for him and his girlfriend, he left with big hope.

3 – Tale Of A Tar – tells the story of the young men which performs lower services during the voyage to America and his hope for a bright future in another country.

4 – Gone America – tells the story of his dreams and his longing to finally find his fortune in the Promised Land

5 – Harbour of Broken Dreams – tells the story of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, which he hoped to find, but it was the same as home, his dreams shattered.

6 – Have A Drink On Me – tells how he is feeling, his sorrows, his drinking problems – he is unhappy and alone.

7 – Dancing On Wheels – tells how he wakes up one day and he knows, that he need to change something in his life, that he need to settle down, so that he can finally find a new home.

8 – New Horizon – tells how he saw a new future and found a new home.

9 – Homesick – tells that he is homesick, he dreams of home and of what he has left behind.

10 - My Girl – the story tells, that he dreams of his girl and that he can finally offer her a future without having to live in hunger and poverty.

11 – Eire – Goodbye – Reprise – Set sails and leave the country in order to find a new home and in this dream he lost the dearest thing he possessed.

12 – Carrickfergus – Memories of his home and his childhood

13 – Annie´s Song – A Hymn of Love by John Denver

(Finally, this song fits perfectly with the story, which the artist told us with his songs.)

A beautiful CD, thoughtful & profound, even the cover of the CD, symbolizes the sadness of the story. Inside the booklet of the CD you can find the songs and at the same time a translation into the German language, which I really think is very commendable.

It is not just a CD, but a narrative, that like a red thread, runs until the end of the CD. Only those who have heard the CD from beginning to the end, can grasp the meaning of the story and will be thrilled.


“Mind over Matter” by Scott Sharp

  1. Ghost Town – beautiful song

  2. Little Elvis in his soul – swinging

  3. Mind over Matter – real good one

  4. Between the pictures – smooth, very nice song/ remembers me of the old country songs

  5. Greatest Music never heard - emotional

  6. Bayou Banshee – expressive

  7. Irish Angel – very nice song

  8. I´m the one – rocking

  9. The Man who wants to Love you – melancholic

  10. We´re all American – swinging

  11. Liar Liar – swinging, great Song



I did not expect anything else, than that this CD is a very good one and I haven´t been disappointed.

Scott Sharp is a very good singer & songwriter, his songs can be found between emotional, melancholic up to the swinging or rocking part. In my country in Germany, as well as in Spain, Scott Sharp has already a large fan community, even though Scott has never been in Germany or Spain before. As you can see, music can reach you everywhere and especially good music, like Scott Sharps songs. I can highly recommend anyone, to buy this CD, it is available on Amazon.

Scott showed us once again a masterpiece of his skills. I am convinced that we will be hearing a lot more from Scott Sharp in the near future. Artists like Scott Sharp are unique and the world needs them desperately. Music can give you so much in life, it makes you laugh, it makes you cry, but always in a good way.

I do not understand that Scott Sharp is not one of the biggest country singer in America. I don´t know, how the music industry in America rate music, but I think sometimes they overlook seemingly very good musicians, like in this case. Scott Sharp is a great guy with a lot of heart for the country music; he would pass easily the big stars in the Country Scene, if anyone finally would discover his big extraordinary talent. So America what are you waiting for? In Europe, Scott Sharp would be a megastar! Don´t wait too long, maybe we catch him right from the spot…smile

Find more of his songs on you tube


“Another Night like this” by Jeff Dane

Short artist information:
Jeff Dane was born in Springfield, he started singing and writing at the age of 15, in the same year he also formed his first band. Jeff always dreamed of a career as a professional singer, but first he chose for a school education. He got a bachelor degree in political science and a law degree, but his big dream was still there. After spending several years in Austin and Los Angeles, he moved finally to Nashville to follow his dream of a career in country music!

The song:
"Another night like this" – written by Jeff Dane, Rich Fagan, Dave Tough

A song about the feelings of a young man, who has a deep desire for someone. He talks about this feelings, which seem, like exploding firework in their hearts. Feel her skin next to him, Magnolia in a morning breeze. He don´t wants to miss any minute of these moments.......

A beautiful, dream away song, with Jeff Dane’s smashing voice of great recognition value - good choice of a song, very consistent, fits perfectly into the country music genre. You should certainly not miss this great song, it encourages you to dream and some of his female fans will melt away. This song is written the your heart & soul – sensitive – emotional – it includes all the aspects you need, to make a good song.
Nice story, something to cuddle....good job Jeff, Rich & Dave…smile
A song that has something special, maybe to be - a Number 1 Hit!
Jeff Dane, an artist, from whom we surely will hear a lot more in the near future.

Location of the song:
Fair Play Country Music special video clip:

"Love is so right" by Sheila Clark

This is a wonderful song of my close friend Sheila Clark, she made it for her husband JR, for their wedding day, to show him how much he means to her and how much she loves him. It is a very nice song, showing so much emotions and the love to her husband. The feelings and contentedness, that held both together and the tremendously magic between them, it will follow their love until eternity. Sheila made the right decision to record it at that time, perhaps it was a premonition, it was just in time.
Sheila has a very good voice and she will make a lot more songs in the future, but this one is so particularly and I think nobody ever will forget this song, especially her family & friends. JR loved this song so much, he was so proud of his Sheila, he was her biggest supporter, but unfortunately JR died in December 2014, shortly after their nice wedding day in November. It is shocking and hard to believe, after 36 wonderful years together with Sheila. 
This song never will be forgotten because it is and was so special, it will always carry the spirit & the soul of JR between the lines. Sheila dedicated this song to JR, her loving and unforgotten husband, who is now in the arms of the Lord!


Lucas Ciliberti – “Mary did you know”

Short information about the artist:
Lucas Ciliberti was born in Oklahoma July 18th in 2000. He is a young and very talented young man, who lives now with his family in Nashville TN.

The Focus:
Lucas Ciliberti is a young man, which has an amazing gift, an unbelievable and remarkable voice and he is above all a real nice guy and very down to earth. Lucas supported his mother and his brother Nathan who had been in a very critical phase of his life. Lucas was always there for him and stayed long hours at his bed, singing songs to him and try to make him listen and fight for his life. A very hard time for the whole family, but they kept on going. Lucas is not like young man of his age, he grew up very quickly in a mental way. He had too, with this heavy burden on his shoulders. And to give him and his family the power to keep on going, he published the song “Mary did you know” on March 31th 2014; he dedicated the song to “God” and his brother Nathan, which was at that time in a very critical condition on intensive care, in a medically induced Coma.

The Song:
The song has a Christian background and is all about “Jesus our Lord” and the thought, if his mother Mary ever knew, or could imagine, what great things her son would have done to this world.
A lot of people have been singing this song, but on my personal opinion, nobody ever has sung it like Lucas Ciliberti did, with so much passion and emotion and this remarkable voice. A song that makes you chill, and makes you think about our savior. Lucas Ciliberti, a voice like an angel, soft, harmonic and with such tenderness. Great song & great tune, nothing to subjoin, he produced a real vocal masterpiece.

Location of the song:

 Sonny & Steve – “What Goes Around”

Short information about the artist:
Steve Payne comes from Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia and Sonny Reneau is from Hendersonville Texas in America.

The focus:
Two young men, met in a TV show, got together, became best friends and recorded a song, we talking about two big continents join in one song. The song was published on April 9th in 2014.

The song:
This song is embedding a message, it appeals on your subconscious, that everything you do is come back on you.

A song with a message, totally different but in proper style, it is a kind of grand style; it rocks right from the start until the end. Good presentation, great tune, great sound. Very good combinations of vocalization, let´s call it a perfect match, a bundle of dynamite. It really reminds you of Brooks & Dunn, but Steve & Sonny are two of a kind and don´t need to be compared to another band. What else can I say, listen to it, and then you understand, what I mean.

Location of the song:

Pete Hunt - "Do you wanna Cowboy"

A short information about the artist: 
Pete Hunt is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and a Nashville recording artist also the owner & president at Southern Branded Productions. He lives in Brooksville, Florida and is engaged to Carrie Kellough.

The focus:
In January 2014 was the release of the single "Do you wanna Cowboy" and it hit directly National Radio Airways; more than 1000 downloads have already been sold. With this song Pete Hunt made a real good move, a song that will stay on for quite a while, it is a kind of catchy tune.

The song is all about the sexual attraction between a woman and a cowboy. If my english knowledge doesn´t cheat on me...lol

Nice Intro with the mandolin, short but effective. It rocks right from the beginning, sexy voice. Far away from the old style of country music, but also attractive to young and old. Groovy - makes you move, cool way to end the song! An impressive song with a lot of potential, to be the Nr.1.

Location of the song:

David Shelby – “Rust Belt Country“


David Shelby crated a sound that he called the „Rust Belt Country“. His music fascinates you and pulls out all the stops. His polish and russian roots had a big influence in his own music, it d the mix of both maybe, that makes his music so different. David loved Garth Brooks and Toby Keith and maybe he placed an invisible bond between his music and his favorite singers, who will ever know. He also played trumpet as a full time band member, so his passion and presents in today’s music was all around him in a way.

David Shelby once said, quote,” My teenage age years where not the usual; while all of my buddies were playing video games, going to sport events or pining after girls, I was entrenched in a life enriching experience – one I wouldn´t trade for anything“, unquote.

He went on international tours with the Glenn Miller Orchestra, the Turtles, Little Anthony and the Imperials, Stevie Wonder and also Davy Jones (The Monkees) and many others; he was in the opening act of Styx and the Foreigner, he played for sold out crowds all around the world on the biggest events, so he came around quite a bit on the international stage. His stage experience and his theatre lessons gave him a different sight and perspective and made him to the person he is right now, an effective music translator with a skill and a craft he lived in, it was his daily bread…..


My opinion: David Shelby “Rust Belt Cowboy”.

Track 1 – Kick a Little Dirt around

Intro sounds very good, it rocks, and it is young and dynamic and wrote in a modern way. The song is sweeping and put a kind of spell on you. A song many line dance fans would be happy about. I like it very much, it is more made for the younger public, but it is very much to advise to listen to it.



Track 2 – Can´t let go

A very short intro, the song has a good explanatory power; it is interesting and sounds good.

Track 3 – Stealing Honey

The song is interesting, smooth rock in the beginning, also here the song is banish you and take you away. It rocks…beautiful song, you have to move when you hear it….very much to advice.

The whole Cd is build on this and is very interesting, you can feel that David Shelby is a professional by blood and soul.

JL Stiles – Presents House of Murmurs


The CD “Presents House Of Murmurs” has been released at the 12th of July 2012 and all songs are written by JL Stiles. He dedicated this album to Seth Koller & Michael Morrison, may they both rest in peace.

The song “Movin” is about his student Seth Koller, which died at the age of 16 in a tragic accident on a highway near Half Moon Bay. He was a very talented young man, full of promises.

“Frostbite Falls” is about his friend Mike Morrison, who died in 2011 after a few years of a slow and inexplicable descent into paralysis. He was a great artist and he learned a lot from him.

The whole album idea started with “Song Beside My Grave”, and so they try to get all the songs together, to create this album.

The Cd is more touched by ragtime and blues. The songs are similar in a good consonance, and you could feel the sadness that has been covert in a few songs. A good pitch of the voice, in a good quality made album.

JL Stiles the man from San Francisco changed a lot in the kind of music, we used to know, it is a special mixture, and it makes you think about life. If you want to know more about this very talented man, you can find him on his official website: http://www.jlstiles.com/

Sara Beth - Kickin`And Screamin`

1. Kickin`And Screamin` 2. Miss You Anywhere 3. Slow 4. Forever

5. Those Memories

Sara Beth was born in Dallas and got totally hooked on country music, she also writes songs and she leaves her marks in Nashville as an all – American, southern girl. She sticks to her roots that made her the person, she is right now and she is also proud to be a girl from Texas. This woman knows what country music is all about.

Track 1 - Kickin`And Screamin`

This song is about being on a mission – nice song, good sound, good passage, a lot expression

Track 2 – Miss You Anywhere

It is about a lot of pain of a lost relation – cute accent, good song

Track 3 – Slow

She is singing about a girl that still can´t believe, that a guy left her and there is still a lot of pain around – nice sound, good story, heartache pure

Track 4 – Forever

It is about a lot of feelings, and she really feels wanted – nice song, good sound, emotional, passionate

Track 5 – Those Memories

It is all about memories of the past, as a little child – nice song, good story, advisable

The CD - Kickin`And Screamin `is full of emotions, passion and love, it has a good sound, good stories and people would love to hear it. In all points a very good interpretation.

CD - Texas Soul by Mike Allen

After a very long break Mike Allen has released  his 4th CD called "Texas Soul". In the years before, he released "Good For Something" (2000), "A Mile Of Bad Track" (2014), "Pieces Of Me" (2016) and right now in 2017, his latest CD came out by the name of "Texas Soul", a CD, which covers a lot of ground and genres .


This Cd includes 6 songs, which cannot be more different, but they convince with a kind of charm. The Cd draws a clear line and gets its own stamp through Mike's Texan roots.

Changing emotions, certain pitches and the style, makes this Cd to a masterpiece in his career. From single pieces of blues-like style up to traditional music, as well as small beautiful instrumental parts, which round off the whole CD and give these songs their place in country music.

The smoky voice of Mike for instance, fits perfectly with the song A Little To Late, because the blues-like character gives this song a charming vein.

On this Cd you can almost live the feelings of the artist for his songs and the deep love for Texas. Every song on this Cd is different and not written in the same style, which makes the Cd so interesting. In any case, recommend to listen to this CD, even better - buy it!

A Little too Late – Is about a past love, which should not to flare up again – with a bluesy note and the smoky voice of Mike, who characterizes this song

A song for the Cowboy -  is about a cowboy, who is always on the road – a real country song – cozy song, invites to dream

Greed is the Devils Handshake – is witness to the greed of the people, but also shows that there is something else - rocky song, which makes one think about the life

Texas Soul – is actually about the Texas soul, which can be found in Mike – you find yourself in the song and it animates you to dance

Old Enough to Know Better – is about self knowledge - a song that holds a mirror in front of your face, which stimulates one to think, genuine country style - beautiful and peaceful song

The Keeping Kind - is about a girl, who is not such person, who wants to keep everything by herself –beautiful song, recalls old country songs of the past