Nashville Awarded Magazine
2016 & 2017
Golden Book 2017

We started years ago, as "Fair PLay Country Music" helping independent artists in many ways for free, we wrote reviews and article about their lifes, we helped a few artists to improve their music, by contacting vocal coaches, we made videoclips, helped them to get appearances, we connected them with fair business partner in the music industry and shared their music on many public internet pages.

In September 2015 we have been nominated for the Josie Music Awards in Nashville Tennessee, in the category " Best Promotion Company of the Year", we did not win, but it was an awesome experiance.

When we came back, we thought there must be a way to do much more for the independent artists and so we started the magazine "Fair Play Country Music, more than a magazine". This magazine is made in very high quality and it looks more like a book, totally different than other magazines, and that was exactly what we had in mind, because we wanted to make the independent artists look great in any way, we wanted that they feel good and special, which they are! It is hard in these days to survive as an artist, especially in the big shark pond of the music industry, were you can be attacked any time and anywhere. So we always write good about the artists and music related people in the music business, because we are no gossip magazine. We make one exception, we do report about evil accomplishments directed against the artists or companies, because nobody has the right, to be that bad to other people and ruin their lifes. 

The magazine costs money, but we try to keep the costs as low as possible, we only want, that the costs of the magazine and the shipment is covered. This is our contribution to the independent music industry, we do not ask money for our endless work, to get everything together, we do not ask money for all the magazines we give away on our costs to very poor artists, so that they also can feel special, in their situation

In  September 2016 we won during the Josie Music Awards in Nashville Tennessee an award in the category "Artist Promotion Company (online/print)", we did not expected, to be honored this way. We are really grateful and blessed with this award, it is another highlight in our live.

In February 2017, Gaby was asked by the mayor of the city of Nordhorn, to sign her name into the Golden Book of the city, because all children of the city of Nordhorn, who have done something special in the world, received this honor. Since Gaby was born in Nordhorn, she  were honored in a very special way, by signing the "Golden Book",In which only Olympic champions, presidents and very special people wrote their names. It was a very nice gesture, that the mayor Thomas Berling also asked Peter as her partner to immortalize himself, together with Gaby into the Golden Book of Nordhorn. 

In the same year Peter & Gaby won again at the Josie Music Awards as "Best Magazine", the Award was accept on behalf of

Fair Play Country Music by Thomas Rittmeyer from Berlin Germany.

Golden CD 2019
for the song
Driving Home to Alice
in Collaboration with
Friends of Music