On 14th & 15th May in 2016, a few artist were asked by Fair Play Country Music to join a charity event for the Kinderhilfe Selfkant in Germany, because a lot of artist cancelled or didn`t even show up. We paid in return for some artists, who came far from abroad, their accommodation, the fuel, or the flight.

We created a very special thank you for all the artists who performed at this charity event, also for those, who did not join through us. We made a special magazine, as a present to these wonderful artists, for their great social commitment!

We asked the Dusty Saddle Boys, Claes van der Ster, Johnny Sanders, Clarence van Der Schaaf, Jaimy Taylor and Sonya Hurst to appear on this special event. Once again „Thank you“, for your good heart, for a really important purpose.

We also would like to talk about the Dusty Saddle Boys from Italy, who brought over 1600 Euros from their CD sales, as a donation for the very sick children. Without this commitment of this fantastic band, the foundation would only have gotten 400 Euros. In total they got now 2000 Euros, so the largest part of this money came from the Dusty Saddle Boys from Italy.

The Dusty Saddle Boys are a great bunch of Italian and American musicians, who make every festival to an unforgettable experience.

Claes van der Ster from the Netherlands, who should normally perform together with the Mountain Eagle Band, who unfortunately had been unintentionally prevented, came nevertheless, on a 3 hour ride to perform at this charity event.

Claes is a fantastic singer and creates a lot of good mood. He is also a very good dancer, because the rhythm is pumping through his veins.

The artists Angie & Joe Harper, who had never planned to attend at the charity event, appeared at another festival, and left the organizer standing in the cold rain, but through Johnny Sanders, these two artists, were more than worthy replaced. After we asked him to come, he decided, despite private obligations, to perform on a short term. The two sloppy artists have not been missed by anyone; Johnny Sanders however, has left a lasting impression.

Clarance van der Schaaf from the Netherlands was finally able to make it to the event, because a colleague gave him a ride to the event.

Clarance inspired the audience with his deep, pleasant and warm voice; he let the hearts of many women beat faster.

Jaimy Taylor came also from the Netherlands, together with her parents. Her mother Mona Engelmann joined the other artists unplanned on stage, together with Marian Filip from Romania and Sonya Hurst from England they sang the Patsy Cline song “Crazy”, it was a real awesome and extraordinary performance.

Sonya Hurst was flown in by Fair Play Country Music, as a surprise guest from England, she was as always funny, charming and awesome during her performance, and she left behind a lasting impression at the audience.